Our Story

Our passion has always been outdoor lighting and living. After spending years developing ideas and considering options, A Drop In Time was finally pushed off the drawing board and took flight when we discovered a vibrant artisan culture in a small community in Indonesia in 2019. Inspired by their connection to nature, use of natural products, and great craftsmanship, we started creating our range of beautiful eco-friendly objects from recycled glass and wood. Fast forward to today, and we are now producing a variety of home and garden art, giftware, and unique sculptures to create a relaxing, tranquil ambiance indoors and outdoors.  


Our aim in life is to find a place of calm and relaxation no matter how busy we get. Our mission is to help people create their own beautiful indoor and outdoor living spaces where they can rest and recharge. 

A Drop In Time stands for that moment of peaceful contemplation that we should embrace in our daily lives.